i. Cover
  I. Naval Station Newport
A. History - General
B. Maps: State, Navy, Sites
1. Extent of Naval Station Newport
2. Cleanup sites
3. Completion levels for sites
C. Brief Glossary of Acronyms (See V and VI for more Extensive Dictionaries)
  II. Hazardous Waste Cleanup Programs
A. Environmental Issues at Naval Station Newport.
B. Ranking of Naval Station Newport Sites
C. SuperFund Process
D. Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP)
E. Financing
  III. Public Involvement
A. Restoration Advisory Board
B. By-Laws and Procedures
C. Members: Community and Agency
D. Typical special presentations to RAB Members
E. Typical public meeting information
  IV. Site Descriptions
A. Tank Farms 1, 2 & 3
B. Tank Farms 4 & 5
C. Melville North Landfill
D. McAllister Point Landfill
E. NUWC Disposal Area
F. Gould Island
G. Derecktor Shipyard
H. Coddington Cove Rubble Fill Area
I. Old Fire Fighter Training Area
  V. EPA Dictionary
  VI. DON Dictionary