The NAVSTA Newport Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) gathered at the Officers’ Club for their monthly meeting on Wednesday, January 17, 2007. The meeting started at 7:00 p.m. and adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

See enclosure (1) for the attendance list.

Ms. Cornelia Mueller, the Navy Co-Chair, opened the meeting and welcomed the group.


The minutes from the November meeting were approved.


Mr. Mark Kelley of Battelle presented the Tiger Team recommendations for OFFTA, i.e. the Old Fire Fighting Training Area (see enclosure (2)). The Tiger Team was formed in May of 2005, under the Navy’s Optimization Program, to review and make 3rd party recommendations for OFFTA. Mr. Curtis Frye briefed the RAB on the Optimization Program during a previous meeting (see minutes and enclosures (3) and (4) from the meeting of May 18, 2005 at www.rabnewportri.org). Mr. Kelley’s presentation included a review of the site history from its use as a fire training facility in the 1940’s to the most recent work (the removal of three large mounds) and the Tiger Team’s efforts on the update of the conceptual site model to integrate information from a recent forensic study, new sediment, soil, and groundwater data, as well as, the Navy’s intent to use the site for commercial/industrial purposes.

The Tiger Team evaluated human health and ecological risks at the site: no human health risks were associated with recreational use of surface soil, subsurface soil, groundwater, and sediment, although some additional evaluations of surface soil, groundwater, and shellfish are needed to determine risk from planned future property use; new sampling data indicated that conditions had improved since installation of storm drain improvement, and possibility for ecological risk has declined.

Surface soil concentrations of TPH were below the RIDEM direct exposure criterion, TPH has not been detected in groundwater recently, but TPH concentrations in subsurface soil did exceed the RIDEM upper concentration limit criterion at one location.

The Tiger Team recommendations include a revision of the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study, removal of highly contaminated soil (with TPH), removal of subsurface structures, development of a long term remedy for the site, and construction of a revetment to protect the site.


The RAB welcomed new members, Ms. Lucy Bond, Ms. Sally Brown, and Ms. Dorothy Carpenter, all of Middletown, RI.

The RAB elected Dr. Kathy Abbass to serve as their Community Co-Chair. This is Dr. Abbass’s second consecutive term. She will serve until the next election in January of 2008.

Ms. Mueller reviewed the meeting schedule for 2007 and informed the RAB that the 3rd Wednesday in November will fall on the day before Thanksgiving. The options are to cancel the November meeting, reschedule to either the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of November, or reschedule to the 3rd Wednesday in October or December. The RAB will decide on the 2007 schedule at the next meeting as well as whether they prefer a bus or boat tour of the cleanup sites (for the September meeting).

Budget Summary and Schedule – Mr. Daniel Sullivan provided the members with two spreadsheets (see enclosure (3)) that he compiled to be used to track cleanup expenditures by site and year and a schedule partitioned by site and type of action (e.g. site discover, site evaluation, etc.). The RAB members will discuss the Summary and Schedule at the next meeting.

Army Corps Update for Rhode Island – The update is provided as enclosure (4).

Draft Action Memorandum for Soil Removal Action at the Old Fire Fighting Training Area - Copies were available at the meeting. Comments can be submitted to Ms. Cornelia Mueller at cornelia.mueller@navy.mil.

Draft Work Plan for Non-Time Critical Removal Action at the Old Fire Fighting Training Area - Copies were available at the meeting. Comments can be submitted to Ms. Mueller at Ms. Cornelia Mueller at cornelia.mueller@navy.mil.

Contaminated Sediment Remedies Workshop on 28 February at Brown University – Ms. Mueller indicated that she had brochures for this workshop for those who were interested in attending. She can be reached at 401-841-7561.

Results from Soil Sampling at the Former Melville Water Tower - Copies were available at the meeting. Comments can be submitted to Ms. Cornelia Mueller at cornelia.mueller@navy.mil.


Oral History – Dr. Abbass will contact the local radio station to publicize the RAB Oral History Project.


Membership Committee – Mr. Thurston Gray reported that we currently have 16 community members; 12 were present.

Planning Committee – The committee chair did not present.

Project Committee – The committee chair did not present.


The next meeting of the RAB will be on March 21, 2007, at 7:00 p.m.


(1) Attendance List
(2) Cleanup Review Tiger Team Recommendations for the Old Fire Fighting Training Site
(3) Budget Summary and Schedule (375 Kb)
(4) USACE Update of October 2006 for Rhode Island (1038 Kb)

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