Meeting Minutes
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island

January 21, 2015, 6:30 PM- 7:30 PM
Courtyard Marriot, Middletown, Rhode Island
Call to Order and Approval of Previous Minutes

David Dorocz (Navy RAB Co-Chair) called the meeting to order. Mr. Dorocz introduced several new attendees from the Jamestown Town Council and Middletown Planning Commission. The RAB accepted the minutes from the November 19th meeting.

Site Progress Update

Mark Kauffman (Resolution Consultants) presented the site progress milestone handout, specifically highlighting dates for deliverable submission and projected fieldwork. Jim Gravette (Navy) clarified the difference between the Area of Concern (AOC) Categories and the associated federal or state oversight. Margaret Kirschner (RAB Co-Chair) asked if the Site Management Plan (SMP) could be posted to the RAB website for use as a reference document. Bill Lovely (US EPA) suggested posting the Record of Decision (ROD) and Five Year Review to the RAB website as reference documents as well. Thurston Gray (RAB) reminded the group that the space limitations on the RAB website prevent the storage of large documents. The group agreed to continue using the Administrative Record (AR) for access to large documents, and to keep the RAB website a more manageable size. The Navy offered to place a copy of the most recent SMP in each of the libraries, alongside the binder of AR disks, and will do that in the coming months.

Technical Presentation

Mr. Gravette presented the results from the fourth Five-Year Review. Mr. Gravette explained that sites that have started or completed remedial action are included in the Five-Year Review, and the scope is to ensure the remedy and monitoring programs are still effective and appropriate for the sites. The sites include the Fire Fighting Training Area (OFFTA), NUSC Disposal Area, McAllister Point, and Tanks 53 & 56 at Tank Farm 5. The RAB posed the following questions during Mr. Gravette’s presentation.
  • McAllister Point: Gayen Thompson (Jamestown Resident)) asked if monitoring was conducted more frequently than once every five years. Mr. Gravette explained that groundwater and landfill gas are sampled on a yearly basis.
  • NUSC Disposal Area: David Brown (RAB Member) asked if any contaminants are potentially migrating from upstream locations, such as the golf course. Mr. Gravette explained that the contaminants detected in groundwater and surface water are most likely related to Navy activities. There is no evidence that golf course runoff is impacting the NUSC site.
  • Tanks 53 & 56: Richard Adams (AIPC) asked if any of the other tanks at Tank Farm 5 were impacting the environment. Mr. Gravette and Mr. Dorocz explained that all former tanks at Tank Farm 5 have been demolished.

Community Update

Ms. Kirschner voiced concern that non-profit agencies, such as Clean Ocean Access, are conducting beach clean-ups along Burma Road. She reached out to the organizers of this and other groups to keep them informed of the current status of the shoreline and properties at NAVSTA Newport. Her general concern was for the safety of those involved in the beach clean-up. Mr. Dorocz indicated that restricted areas of the base are posted with signs and fencing and the Navy does not own all of the shoreline along Burma Road. Mr. Lovely also added that the environmental site risks are related to chronic exposures and not acute exposures. The potential environmental health risks posed by the Navy’s sites (primarily hypothetical long-term residential site use) would not apply groups conducting clean-ups along Burma Road.

Regulatory Update

Pam Crump (RIDEM) indicated the state hired a new employee, Nick Noons. He will be taking over regulatory oversight of the McAllister Point Landfill and Carr Point projects. Ms. Thompson asked if lead-based paint has been fully addressed in Navy housing. Mr. Dorocz indicated that the Navy transferred ownership of the houses to Balfour Beatty as part of a privatization initiative. Balfour Beatty is responsible for compliance with EPA and RI Department of Health regulations governing the management of lead-based paint in housing.


The RAB meeting adjourned at 8:00pm. Topics for the next RAB meeting on March 18th will potentially include McAllister Groundwater LTM results, Tank Farm 1 Feasibility Study, or MRP Site 1 Remedial Investigation results.

D. D. Dorocz

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