July 20, 2011


The NAVSTA Newport Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) gathered at the Officers’ Club for their bimonthly meeting on Wednesday, July 20, 2011. The meeting started at 6:00 p.m. See enclosure (1) for the attendance

David Dorocz, the Navy Co-Chair, opened the meeting and welcomed the group.


David Dorocz asked if there were any questions or comments on the previous meeting minutes. The May 15, 2011 minutes were approved.

PRESENTATION: Newport Site Tasks and Due Dates

Stephen Parker (Tetra Tech) presented a summary of the Federal Facilities Agreement (FFA) dates for all the sites at Naval Station (NAVSTA) Newport. The presentation is provided as enclosure (4).

Kymberlee Keckler (EPA) stated that she thought there would be separate documents and schedules for Derecktor onshore and offshore investigations. Stephen Parker responded that the onshore and offshore portions are operating concurrently, so both will follow the same schedule.

Kymberlee Keckler expressed concern in regards to the Navy performing removal actions before the Record of Decision (ROD) is finalized. She indicated that early removal actions will ultimately make the process take longer to get to completion.

Dan Sullivan asked if the Navy would still be responsible for the cleanup of Tank Farms 1 and 2 if the Navy transfers ownership of those properties prior to 2014. Ginny Lombardo (EPA) responded that the Navy cannot transfer property until the remedy is in place and the cleanup is completed or properly working. Ginny Lombardo added that it is possible to transfer contaminated property early, but that it requires special circumstances and legal agreements, and is difficult to do.

Claudette Weissinger commented that the newspaper makes it sound like the properties are going to be transferred very soon. David Dorocz responded that the properties have to get cleaned up first and there is a whole process before the properties can be transferred. Manuel Marques asked about the pipeline which had been transferred early. David Dorocz responded that the pipeline did not fall under CERCLA and follows different rules.

Kymberlee Keckler stated that she is pessimistic about the Navy being able to accomplish its goal of getting a remedy in place at all of these sites by 2014. David Dorocz stated that the 2014 goal is one of the Navy’s top priorities and that additional resources are being provided in order to accomplish that goal. Tim Reisch stated that the Navy is going to do their best to achieve the 2014 goal, that funding has been allocated to meet that goal, and that the funding will still be available to use for these sites after 2014 if the remedies are not quite reached. Tim Reisch stated that the schedules are optimistic but realistic.

David Brown suggested that the Navy use one contractor to do multiple sites at once in order to save time and money. Winoma Johnson (Navy) stated that the Navy tries to be efficient in this way when possible.

Dan Sullivan asked if the Navy has cost estimates for what it will take to complete the sites and if there would be enough money. Winoma Johnson stated that they have gotten additional funding for these sites and that money will not be a constraint. The Navy was not prepared to provide a cost estimate at the time, and typically provides funding updates at the end of the fiscal year. The Navy took as an action item to provide these estimates during the September RAB meeting.


Stephen Parker stated there is no current field work activity.


Thurston Gray reported that 5 of 17 members were present at the meeting. John Vitkevitch was excused from the meeting. Thurston Gray communicated John Vitkevitch’s request to change the meeting start time to 7 PM since his work schedule makes it difficult for him to attend the meeting when it starts at 6 PM. The group agreed to hold the next meeting at 6:30 PM and discuss the meeting time again in September.


David Brown encouraged the group to recruit new members to the RAB, particularly young members, members of the planning committee and the Commanding Officer. David Dorocz stated he briefs the IR Program to the Commanding Officer on a monthly and quarterly basis and commented that a realistic, aggressive schedule may get more people interested in the RAB.

In response to a request from David Brown via electronic mail in July, the USEPA and RIDEM stated their positions in regards to the conclusions of the Coddington Cove Rubble Fill Area (CCRF) Study Area Screening Evaluation (SASE), which was presented at the May RAB meeting. Ginny Lombardo (USEPA) stated that the purpose of the SASE step is to exclude sites from the CERCLA process that have no potential for adverse risks. At this site there are exceedances of risk-based screening values (metals and PAHs), and although there are mitigating conditions at the site, it is the opinion of the USEPA that the Navy will need to do a more thorough quantitative risk assessment and go through the next phase in the CERCLA process. Pamela Crump (RIDEM) stated that the RIDEM agrees with the USEPA that the site should not be a no further action (NFA) site. Pamela Crump said that because the history of the site was as a disposal area it needs to be addressed and should at least have a land use control (LUC) implemented. Tim Reisch stated that the Navy already has adequate data to perform a risk assessment and has agreed to go to the next step.

Dan Sullivan asked about the status of the OFFTA revetment. Winoma Johnson said that the project had to be put on hold because asbestos was found, but that the Navy hopes to get back into the field soon. Winoma Johnson stated that there was approximately 2 months of construction left.


The next meeting of the RAB will be held on September 21, 2011 at 6:30 PM. (Note that the meeting time has changed.)

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

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