Meeting Minutes
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island
July 16, 2014, 6:30 – 7:30 PM
Courtyard Marriot, Middletown, Rhode Island
Call to Order and Approval of Previous Minutes

David Dorocz (Navy RAB Co-Chair) called the meeting to order. The meeting minutes from the May 21th RAB meeting were accepted. Margaret Kirschner (Community RAB Co-Chair) questioned the social media aspect of the prior RAB meeting minutes. The RAB agreed to accept the minutes as is and will continue the use of social media during the community outreach.

Site Progress Update

Mark Kauffman (Resolution Consultants) distributed the site status summary and site progress milestones handouts. Mark and Steve Parker (Tetra Tech) briefly noted highlights of recent accomplishments. Claudette Weissinger (RAB Member) specifically asked for a future presentation regarding the results from the most recent sampling at McAllister Point Landfill. Other notes highlighted during the review included:

  • Tank Farms 2 and 3 have reports in process;
  • Tank Farms 4 and 5 are currently undergoing site clearing in preparation for pre-design investigation (PDI) activities and eventual remediation following the remedial design (RD);
  • The Record of Decision (ROD) was signed for Gould Island and the RD completion date was set for late 2014;
  • The Derecktor Shipyard ROD was in final review and should be signed in September 2014. It was also noted that Pier 2 piling repairs are scheduled to begin and the Navy will be monitoring the situation relative to the planned environmental progress;
  • Carr Point fieldwork (2 sites) has been completed and data is being reviewed. Site inspections are continuing at Carr Point and risk assessments will be conducted to assess whether the site is suitable for recreational use, or whether further response actions are necessary; and
  • Coddington Point fieldwork has been completed and data is being reviewed.
Margaret asked for clarification regarding the differences among Coddington Point, Coddington Cove Rubble Fill Area, and Derecktor Shipyard. Mark and Steve displayed a figure of the sites to show where they are located.

Technical Presentation

Jim Gravette (Navy) presented the status update for the NUSC remediation project. Jim presented a brief site history explaining the source of the soil, groundwater, and sediment contamination. The soil remedy that is underway includes:

  • Solid waste removal through excavation;
  • Sampling of sidewalls and bottom for confirmation of contaminant removal; and
  • Soil or asphalt covers, depending on the future use of the area.
Jim noted that there are 5 remaining areas that require excavation with an anticipated completion date of fall 2014. Presentation slides are attached.

Community Update

Margaret recognized the new members of the RAB present at the meeting. Margaret reviewed the efforts to recruit new members to the RAB. She further suggested updating the training manual and RAB website. Dave recommended using ‘Water Words that Work’ as a class to help target the specific audience that would be most interested in base developments or impacted by future work at the Base. The RAB discussed ways to make the information more available. Ideas suggested by the group included on-line forums or patches (e.g., Buckaroo, etc.) to post site status reports and other documents for the community. The RAB discussed the most appropriate method to achieve this goal and whether that included social media and/or other on-line resources.

Regulatory Update



The RAB meeting adjourned at 8:00pm. Topics for the next RAB meeting on September 17th will potentially include the Site 1 LTM results if available. This date may be too early if the results aren’t yet available. Jim and Mark will look into updating the Community Relations Plan (CRP). Jim will also potentially look into having some RAB members attend ‘Water Words that Work’ seminar.

D. D. Dorocz

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  • Site Status Summary
  • Site Progress Milestones
  • NUSC Presentation

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