Meeting Minutes
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island
March 16, 2016, 6:30 PM- 8:00 PM
Courtyard Marriot, Middletown, Rhode Island
Call to Order and Approval of Previous Minutes

David Dorocz (RAB Co-Chair) called the meeting to order. Ms. Margaret Kirschner (RAB Co-chair) thanked the new attendees for coming and asked them to introduce themselves. Mr. Ross Freeman indicated he was most interested in the status of the former Naval Hospital property. Mr. Dorocz indicated that the Naval Hospital is not part of the ERP, but is being managed under the BRAC transfer program. Information regarding the Naval Hospital is available in the Environmental Condition of Property (ECP) document. The RAB moved to accept the minutes from the January 20th meeting.

Site Progress Handouts

Mark Kauffman presented the Site Progress Milestone and Site Summary Status tables. Mr. David Brown (RAB Member) asked for an update regarding the week’s RPM Meetings. Jim Gravette (Navy) indicated that technical topics were the main focus of the RPM meetings and provided brief updates on the remedial actions underway at the tank farms, Gould Island, and the Derecktor Shipyard.

Technical Presentation

Dan Sullivan (Tetra Tech EC) presented a status summary of the Tank Farm 4 soil removal currently underway. Ms. Shirley Lally (RAB Member) asked where the impacted soil was being sent after the excavation. Ms. Kymberlee Keckler (EPA) indicated that the landfill had not been selected yet; however, past non-hazardous waste had been sent to landfills across RI and CT, and EPA has a procedure to verify the compliance status of the intended receiving facility before material is shipped. Mr. Brown asked if local soil types were considered in the restoration design to increase infiltration and minimize overland flow during storm events. Mr. Kauffman indicated the restoration design was intended to return the land surface to its original topography and that the design did not require stormwater controls given the extremely small size and depths of the excavations. Ms. Kirschner asked what preventative measures were in place to protect workers. Mr. Sullivan indicated that typical personal protective equipment (PPE) for a construction project was being implemented. Mr. Thurston Gray (RAB Member) asked what material was used to construct the access roads. Mr. Sullivan indicated that the access roads were temporary limestone riprap and that they would be removed at the end of the project. Ms. Kathy Abbass (RAB Member) asked if the historic stone walls in the excavation area would be restored. Mr. Sullivan indicated that the stone wall will be put back in place at the end of the project. Ms. Lally asked if the excavation activities would lead to increased runoff in nearby streams. Mr. Sullivan indicated that the construction stormwater prevention plan requires protective measures against stormwater runoff, such as the site fences and hay bales that are currently in-place. Mr. Sullivan continued with a presentation of the Derecktor Offshore dredging project that is currently underway. Ms. Kirschner asked if the silt curtains were reusable. Mr. Sullivan indicated that the curtains were new and can be cleaned and reused after project completion. Ms. Abbass indicated that there may be 3 historic shipwrecks in the area of the dredge and any evidence of artifacts should be reported if encountered. Mr. Sullivan agreed. Mr. Gravette and Mr. Kauffman provided a demonstration of the updated Navy Website. Mr. Brown asked if it was possible to add a link to the Newport BRAC sites. Mr. Kauffman indicated that the BRAC page was not currently linked to the website; however, additional webpages and content can be added to the site moving forward.

Community Update

Ms. Kirschner spoke to the Jamestown Town Council and provided an update of the ERP. Ms. Kirschner nominated Dave Brown for the positon RAB Co-Chair. The members of the RAB accepted the nomination and voted Mr. Brown into the position. Mr. Brown provided copies of the RAB Mission Statement to all members to review and provide comments and updates for the next RAB meeting.

Regulatory Update

EPA and RIDEM did not have any updates.


The RAB meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. The next RAB meeting will be held on May 18, 2016. Topics for next meeting include the Public Hearing for the Tank Farm 1 Proposed Plan. Additional topics include reviewing the RAB Mission Statement. The RAB agreed to start at 6:00 PM and hold a 30-minute meeting prior to the Public Meeting and Hearing for the Tank Farm 1 Proposed Plan. Mr. Keckler will provide Ms. Kirschner a digital copy of the EIS.

D. D. Dorocz

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