MAY 18, 2005 MEETING


The NAVSTA Newport Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) gathered at the Officers' Club for their monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 18, 2005. The meeting started at 7:00 p.m. and adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

See enclosure (1) for the attendance list.

Mr. Marques opened the meeting and welcomed the group.


Mr. David Brown requested that the statement "If accepted, the design will require Navy approval." be changed to "If accepted, the design will require concurrence by the Navy's Public Affairs Office." with regards to the ad used to announce RAB monthly meetings. Mr. Brown felt that this modification would more accurately reflect the cooperative relationship between the Navy and the RAB.


Program Update

Mr. Curtis Frye of EFA (Engineering Field Activity) Northeast presented information on the status of Naval Station's Installation Restoration program. The presentation is provided as enclosure (2). The presentation included information on each of the 13 IR sites such as the cleanup work that has been completed and the work needed to be done. Cleanup completion dates ranged between 2005 and 2013 with the exception of the Coddington Cove Rubble Fill Area (CCRFA). The CCRFA is considered to be a low risk site; cleanup of the CCRFA is expected to be complete by 2014.

Mr. Frye expected to move forward on the soil removal action for the Old Fire Fighting Training Area (OFFTA), however, funds are not available this fiscal year. In addition, the complexity of the project, scrutiny from Navy management, and inability to reach concurrence with the regulators on a whole site remedy has delayed the schedule. Therefore, the OFFTA project will undergo optimization review as described in enclosure (3) and enclosure (4).

Costs to completion (CTC) ranged between less than $100K (at Melville North Landfill) to $21M at Derecktor Shipyard. Most of the CTCs ranged between $1M and $3M.

Mr. Frye also addressed the Navy's Environmental Restoration Plan for Fiscal Year's 2004-2008 (available at http://5yrplan.nfesc.navy.mil. The plan provides information on funding and cleanup completion dates. The plan indicates that $77M has been spent (through September 1999) and an additional $41M is needed to complete cleanup work (for fiscal year 2000 through 2014) at Naval Station Newport (formerly the Newport Naval Education and Training Center). Mr. Frye estimated that the fiscal year 2005 costs to complete the cleanup work are more likely around $56M.

The plan identifies 30 sites that include the 13 IR sites, 2 munitions sites (one of which is addressed under the FUDs or Formerly Used Defense Sites program), 8 underground storage tank sites, and 15 additional areas that have been transferred and are also being addressed under the FUDs program.

The plan establishes progress at each Navy cleanup site through evaluation of RIPs (remedy in place) and RCs (response complete) achieved. The plan indicates that of the 30 sites located at Naval Station, 15 sites are undergoing study (i.e. preliminary assessment, site inspection, or remedial investigation/feasibility study phases), 2 sites are undergoing cleanup (i.e. remedial design, remedial action, or remedy in place), and 13 sites have achieved RC (i.e. all cleanup actions have been completed). Two of the 13 RC sites listed in the plan are IR sites.

Mr. Frye emphasized the Navy's commitment to make progress and to achieve either RIP or RC for each IR site. The necessary funds will be budgeted, but regulator concurrence is also necessary to make progress. At Derecktor Shipyard (IR Site 019), the Navy and the EPA are in agreement with the general scope of required dredging but RIDEM does not concur. At the Melville North Landfill (IR Site 002), the Navy has recommended no further action and is awaiting RIDEM's position. For Tanks 53 and 56 (ground water unit) at Tank Farm 5 (portion of IR Site 013), the Navy and EPA are in agreement that no further action is required, but RIDEM does not concur.

Lastly, Mr. Frye summarized Navy activities on the BLDG 70, Midway Pier, and Defense Highway Fuel Line and Piping Chamber projects (see enclosure (5)). Community members that live in the Greene Lane area were aware that the Navy was undergoing work in this area but had not received any specific information.


There were no committee reports.


SWOS Public Notice - At the March meeting Ms. Claudette Weissinger suggested the Navy prepare a public notice to convey information related to the new SWOS site. Ms. Cornelia Mueller checked with her chain of command and determined that the Navy would not issue a public notice in this instance but that the community members were welcome to prepare the notice. Ms. Mueller indicated that she would assist any community member who wanted to prepare a public notice.


Community Co-Chair Website - Ms. Mueller reported that a request from Community Co-Chairs (at the training workshop last summer in Salt Lake City) for a Web site that can serve as a forum for Co-Chairs and members to exchange information and ideas was progressing. The site is expected to be operational in May.

Marine Sediment Sampling and Analysis for Former Derecktor Shipyard - Ms. Mueller indicated that CDs are available for members who are interested in reviewing this report.

Commercial Fishing Traps in Coddington Cove - Several community members indicated that a commercial fisher sets traps in Coddington Cove, possibly within the offshore portion of Derecktor Shipyard. Ms. Mueller will determine if the traps are present in the area.

Excess Navy Property - Several community members expressed concern over rumors that the Navy intends to excess the tank farm properties. Ms. Mueller indicated that she would check with her chain of command and report back to the RAB members at the next meeting on the status of the tank farms.


The next meeting of the RAB will be on July 20, 2005, at 7:00 p.m. The group will meet at the Officers' Club.


(1) Attendance List
(2) Program Update
(3) Policy for Optimizing Remedial and Removal Actions Under the Environmental Restoration Programs (580 KB)
(4) Guidance for Optimizing Remedy Evaluation, Selection, and Design (2,784 KB)
(5) Topographic Map of BLDG 70 Area
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