Meeting Minutes
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island
May 18, 2016, 6:30 PM- 6:30 PM
Courtyard Marriot, Middletown, Rhode Island
Call to Order and Approval of Previous Minutes

David Dorocz (RAB Co-Chair) called the meeting to order.The meeting minutes were approved from the March 16th meeting. Mr. Dorocz suggested in the interest of time that only Tank Farm 1 be reviewed in the Site Progress Milestones handout as it was the focus of the Public Hearing.

Site Progress Handouts

Mark Kauffman (Resolution) presented the Site Progress Milestone and Site Summary Status tables, with a focus on Tank Farm 1. Claudette Weissinger (RAB Member) asked for a clarification as to what media is included in the decision units. Mr. Kauffman and Jim Gravette (Navy) provided an explanation as to why the decision units were tracked separately from the remainder of the tank farm work. In general, they were the first CERCLA areas identified at each of the tank farms, so the team initiated the RI/FS process for those areas, which is not being completed via RODs and CERCLA response actions.

Technical Presentation

There was no technical presentation due to the Tank Farm 1 Public Hearing.

Community Update

David Brown (RAB Co-Chair) thanked everyone for attending. He asked that Dave McLaughlin (RAB Member) introduce himself and thanked him for his continued efforts of ocean clean-up with the Clean Ocean Access. Mr. Brown further provided an update on the RAB Mission Statement. Mr. Brown and several other RAB Members attended a Communication Seminar on May 5th and suggested applying techniques learned during the seminary to improve the RAB presentations. Jane Dolan (EPA) indicated that the seminar taught her to focus more on targeting and speaking to your audience. Mr. Dorocz indicated that everyone in attendance got something useful out of the seminar and re-enforced Ms. Dolanís comments on speaking to your audience. Mr. Brown asked that RAB Members think about these items and provide thoughts on this topic for the next RAB meeting in July. Mr. Brown also suggested producing an annual report at some point, providing information and details of the RABís activities over the past year.

Mr. Kauffman noted that each of the libraries was visited earlier in the week. New DVDs were supplied for the FY15 administrative record, the administrative index sheets were also updated, and new meeting posters were placed on bulletin boards.

Regulatory Update

EPA and RIDEM did not have any updates.


The RAB meeting adjourned at 6:30pm. The meeting ended early to allow time for the Tank Farm 1 Public Hearing. The next RAB meeting will be held on July20, 2016. Topics for the next meeting include the communication seminar follow-up, Navy guidance and policy on clean-up standards, Melville North Landfill, Tank Farm 2, Tank Farm 3, or the Community Involvement Plan (CIP).

D. D. Dorocz

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  1. Site Status Summary Table
  2. Site Progress Milestone Chart (5-24-2016)
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