Meeting Minutes
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island

September 21, 2016, 6:30 PM- 8:00 PM
Courtyard Marriot, Middletown, Rhode Island
Call to Order and Approval of Previous Minutes

Dave Dorocz(RAB Co-Chair) called the meeting to order. David Brown (RAB Co-Chair) provided RAB membership applications for those attendees interested in officially joining the RAB. The meeting minutes were approved from the July 20th meeting.

Site Progress Handouts

Mark Kauffman (Resolution) presented the Site Progress Milestone and Site Summary Status Tables. Mr. Kauffman provided a brief update on the progress at several sites, including the signed Explanation of Significant Difference (ESDs) for Site 17, Gould Island and Site 19, Derecktor Shipyard and the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Decision Units at Tank Farm 1. Mr. Dorocz pointed out that the new site (Site 24, DFSP Melville) was recently added to the Site Progress Milestone Table. Ms. Margaret Kirschner (RAB Member) asked for an explanation on the ESDs at Gould Island and Derecktor Shipyard and whether it was for additional contaminants like the Navy’s prior ESDs at other sites. Mr. Jim Gravette (Navy RPM) indicated that no additional contaminants were identified at these sites. The area of debris requiring removal at Gould Island was substantially expanded, which warranted an ESD. The groundwater impacts at Site 4, Coddington Cove Rubble Fill Area, were similar to the adjacent impacts at the Derecktor Shipyard, so the team decided to incorporate Site 4 into Site 19 for efficiency, which warranted an ESD. Mr. Gravette also provided additional information and background into Site 24, DFSP Melville. Mr. Dorocz and other RAB Members expressed an interest in adding notes to the Site Progress Milestone Table explaining why the milestones are no longer required, for sites like Site 4 and some of the Tank Farm sites. The Navy agreed to add notes to future iterations of the chart.

Technical Presentation

Cindy Castleberry (Resolution) presented the revisions to the Community Involvement Plan (CIP) based on the additional input from the July 20th RAB meeting. Several topics of discussion were presented as a result of feedback received from the RAB on the Draft CIP:
  • RAB Website: The RAB discussed whether the community’s website ( should be redesigned and/or maintained, or whether it should be suspended in lieu of the Navy’s website ( Thurston Gray (RAB Member) indicated that he was willing to continue maintaining the RAB website, but indicated someone in the community may be better suited to modernize the website to a more interactive format. Mr. Gravette and Mr. Kauffman noted that the Navy’s website was recently updated and expanded to include the additional content provided on the community’s website, and suggested that maybe the community’s website may be duplicative at this point. Mr. Dorocz indicated that the RAB should make a decision regarding the community’s website and inform the Navy at the next RAB meeting on November 16th.
  • Scope of RAB: The RAB expressed interest in learning more about BRAC properties. Mr. Dorocz indicated that the Base provides information on BRAC properties where environmental investigations or surveys have been performed. Otherwise, BRAC activities are not captured under the RAB. Mr. Brown asked if there had been any update on the proposed solar array at Tank Farms 4 or 5. Mr. Dorocz indicated that the Navy is currently negotiating with vendors and will likely make a decision in the next month. More specific questions should be directed to the Renewable Energy Program Office (REPO) based in Virginia.
  • RAB Attendance: The RAB believed that newcomers often don’t return to meetings because the topics do not necessarily impact where they live or relate to their jobs; however, they still appreciate the commitment by the Navy to remediate the sites. Susan Dubuque (TME) suggested adding another column on the sign-in sheet for attendees to note now they heard about the meeting (e.g., Newport Daily News advertisement, etc.).
  • RAB Notices: There was a suggestion to list the specific RAB presentation in newspaper notices. However, the Navy noted that would not be preferable, because the Navy to maximum its team’s flexibility in selecting and preparing for specific RAB presentations prior to each meeting.
  • Welcome Packet: The group noted the new Welcome Package and thanked the Navy for that, and suggested the welcome packet also be available on CDs. The Navy agreed to provide some CDs during subsequent RAB meetings.
Community Update

Manual Marques (RAB Member) introduced John Anderson (Local #231) who provided a brief testimonial for the local contractors qualified to conduct work at the base. Mr. Gray provided a brief summary of the new RAB application and formally introduced Bob Andrews, Michael Asciola, Terri Cortvriend, Connie Harding, Dave McLaughlin, Vincent Roche and Ralph Sotakas new RAB members. Mr. Gray added that any additional forms should be returned to him at the end of the meeting.

Regulatory Update

EPA and RIDEM did not have any updates.

Adjournment and Next Meeting

The RAB meeting adjourned at 8:00pm. The next RAB meeting will be held on November16, 2016. Topics to be considered for the next meeting include the Site 24 DFSP Melville, DLA work at Tank Farm 1, Tank Farms 2 and 3 Feasibility Studies, or Gould Island and/or Derecktor Shipyard sediment dredging project status.

D. D. Dorocz

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  4. Site Progress Milestone Chart
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