April 21, 2004

On Wednesday, April 21, 2004, the NAVSTA Newport Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) gathered at the Officers’ Club for their monthly meeting. The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. and ended at 9:10 p.m.

In attendance were Thomas McGrath, David Brown, Manuel Marques, James Myers, Claudette Weissinger, Howard Porter, Kathy Abbass, Emmet Turley, Thomas Reardon, Stacey McFadden (TAG/AICAB), Phoebe Call (TtNUS), Steve Parker (TtNUS), Curtis Frye (EFANE), Gregg Kohlweiss (NAVSTA), David Dorocz (NAVSTA), Cornelia Mueller (NAVSTA), Kathy Marley (NAVSTA), and Paul Kulpa (RIDEM).

Mr. Manuel Marques opened the meeting and welcomed the group.

There were no changes to the minutes of March 2004. Manuel Marques asked for a motion to accept the minutes, which was seconded and then carried.

Mr. Thomas Reardon announced that he will soon be relocating out of state and regretfully submitted his resignation to the Restoration Advisory Board.

Mr. David Dorocz announced that there is a new Installation Restoration Program Manager for Naval Station Newport. Ms. Cornelia Mueller was introduced and welcomed by the group. Mr. Dorocz further announced that Ms. Mueller will also serve as the new RAB Navy Co-Chair.


There were no new nominees for the Committee Chair election. A motion was made for each Committee Chair to serve again during the upcoming calendar year, which was seconded and carried.


Ms. Phoebe Call stated that the purpose of the five-year review is to determine whether the remedy implemented at a site is protective of human health and the environment. Enclosure (1) is a copy of the slide show presented.

Ms. Call stated that interviews are conducted as part of the five-year review process. Ms. Call then presented an interview questionnaire to the RAB. Enclosure (2) is a copy of the interview questionnaire.

Dr. Kathy Abbass asked who outside of the RAB community members will be completing the interview questionnaire. Ms. Stacey McFadden stated that the Aquidneck Island Citizens Advisory Board may also provide their input.

Mr. Steve Parker told the RAB that all interested parties are welcome to participate in the interview process. Mr. Parker further stated the interview questionnaire will be accepted throughout the review process.

Ms. Call stated that the sites currently listed as part of the five-year review are the McAllister Point Landfill and Tank Farm 5 (Tanks 53 and 56). Ms. Call also stated that remedial actions described in the Records of Decision for these two sites have been completed.

Mr. Howard Porter asked if it is required to perform a five-year review. Ms. Call stated that the five-year review process is required by CERCLA, and is addressed within the Record of Decision (ROD) for each site.

Ms. McFadden asked if the offshore eelgrass project is to be included as part of the five-year review of the McAllister Point Landfill. Ms. Call stated the offshore eelgrass project will be part of the five-year review report.

Mr. Marques asked if the eelgrass beds will be surveyed again this year. Ms. Mueller stated that another survey of the offshore eelgrass beds will be performed this upcoming summer.

Ms. Call told the RAB community members that this is the second five-year review to be performed at Naval Station Newport. The first review was completed in December of 1999. Enclosure (1) includes the schedule for the current five-year review process.


Mr. Parker provided a site status report for the Navy Installation Restoration (IR) sites. Enclosure (3) includes a graphic of the clean up process and is provided as a copy of the slide show Mr. Parker presented.

Additionally, Mr. Curtis Frye of the Engineering Field Activity Northeast gave an environmental restoration budget update for various Navy sites discussed during the presentation.

McAllister Point Landfill:
The McAllister Point offshore sediment was dredged in 2001. A five-year review of the landfill is currently underway. Long term monitoring of air emissions, sediment, and groundwater are ongoing.

Mr. Porter asked what objects were found when the offshore dredging was performed. Mr. Parker stated that heavy objects that were once part of the landfill were found and consisted of submarine netting, large boulders, concrete block, and other steel objects.

Mr. Frye stated that the budget plan will fund operation and maintenance monitoring of the landfill cap, air modeling, as well as sediment monitoring. Mr. Frye further stated that the budget plan will fund monitoring of the offshore eelgrass project.

Tank Farm 5 (Tanks 53 and 56):
The tanks were demolished in place and a soil removal action was completed. A five-year review of this IR site is currently being performed. Groundwater treatment has been discontinued. Mr. Parker stated groundwater monitoring at the site is ongoing.

Tank Farms 4 and 5:
The tanks have been demolished in place. Investigations will be conducted during the summer of 2004 to seek residual contamination. If no residual contamination is found, a permanent remedy will be selected.

Mr. Frye stated that the budget plan will fund well sampling, a site investigation removal action, and an Environmental Geographic Information System (EGIS) update.

Dr. David Brown asked if the EGIS database contains historical sampling data from the tank farms. Mr. Frye stated the EGIS data is a base-wide data system and includes historical sampling data from the tank farms.

Tank Farms 1–3:
The tank closures are currently in progress under the State’s underground storage tank program. If no contamination is found at the tank farms, the site will then move to the remedial action phase of the clean up process.

Old Fire Fighting Training Area (OFFTA):
Sediment evaluations at OFFTA are ongoing. The soil removal action will commence in August of 2004. Mr. Frye stated that the budget plan for OFFTA will fund the mound removal design and the soil removal action for the mounds.

Mr. Emmet Turley asked how many cubic yards of soil will be removed during the mound removal project. Mr. Frye stated approximately 20 cubic yards will be removed.

Gould Island Building 32:
PCB removals were completed in 2003 and the remedial investigation work plan is currently being revised. Mr. Parker stated the remedial investigation will include well installation, groundwater sampling, and soil and sediment investigations. Mr. Frye stated that the budget plan will fund the field work and final remedial investigation work plan.

Mr. Thomas McGrath asked if funding has been provided to perform the clean up of the south side of Gould Island.

Mr. Paul Kulpa stated the US Army Corps of Engineers is presently working on funding the clean up of that portion of the island.

Derecktor Shipyard:
On-shore removal actions were conducted in 2000 and 2001. A feasibility study has begun and the sediment data will be updated in June and July of 2004.

Dr. Abbass asked where the sediment sampling will be performed. Mr. Parker stated the offshore data will be collected near Piers 1 and 2.

Mr. Frye stated that the budget plan will fund the feasibility study and will fund the offshore sediment sampling.

NUSC Disposal Area:
A study area screening evaluation was conducted in August of 2003 and the draft report is complete. Possible removal actions will be conducted in 2004. A remedial investigation and risk assessment will also be required.

Mr. Frye stated the budget plan will provide for funding of the removal action.

Coddington Cove Rubble Fill Area:
An initial site assessment will be performed in 2004. The work at this site will then be prioritized. Mr. Frye stated the budget plan will fund the assessment of this site.


Project Committee – Emmet Turley

Mr. Turley discussed using Geo Tubes for dredging. Mr. Turley provided a detailed memorandum and a Project Committee Report on this topic, as enclosure (4).

Education Committee – Kathy Abbass

Dr. Abbass discussed the production of the RAB Training Manual. The RAB Training Manual will be digitally reproduced and will be available for review by the RAB.

Membership Committee – Thurston Gray

No committee report. Committee Chair was not present.

Planning Committee – Thomas McGrath

Mr. McGrath reviewed the updated planning schedule with the group. The planning schedule was approved by the Planning Committee Chairman and is provided as enclosure (5).


There was no new business to report.


The next meeting of the RAB will be on May 19, 2004, at 7:00 p.m., at the Officers’ Club.


(1) Second Five-Year Review for CERCLA Sites
(2) Interview Questions for Five-Year Review Process (43 Kb)
(3) Status Update for Navy IR Sites (743 Kb)
(4) Project Committee Report & Memorandum for April 21, 2004 (824 Kb)
(5) Restoration Advisory Board Planning Schedule (40 Kb)