Project Committee Report

Newport Restoration Advisory Board
January 16, 2008
Project Management Report

Container Ports are once again on the agenda for North Atlantic Ports from Rhode Island to Maine. Recent concerns about sustaining a healthy economy are looking at North Atlantic Container Port capacity in Maine because they already have a Container Port in operation with a sustainable railway nearby.

Politicians in many of the lower New England states are feeling the pressure to undertake such ventures.

As an environmental group, we have to become aware that the Quonset Point Container Port in Narragansett Bay will become a hot issue because of the struggling Rhode Island economy.

Here are two web references about the current Maine Container Port and their ongoing plans.


Besides the Providence Journal articles, please contact the following resources;

  1. Small to Medium Container Terminals
  2. "Container Port", topic probe.
  3. Sears Island Planning Initiative.
  4. International Railway of Maine- "Wikepedia"
Respectfully submitted,
Emmet E. Turley
Chairman, Project Committee
Emmet Turley

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