MAY 19, 2004


The NAVSTA Newport Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) gathered at the Officers' Club for their monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 19, 2004. The meeting started at 7:00 p.m. and finished at 9:00 p.m. See enclosure (1) for the attendance list. Ms. Cornelia Mueller opened, the meeting and welcomed the group.


Mr. Frye had three comments on the minutes from the previous meeting in April:

1. At the bottom of page 3, for "Tank Farms 1-3": delete "The tank closures are currently in progress under the State's underground storage tank program. If no contamination is found at the tank farms, the site will then move to the remedial action phase of the clean up process. "
Replace with "The tank closures are currently in progress under the State's underground storage tank program. If no CERCLA contamination is found at the tank farms, the site will then move more quickly to the remedial action phase of the CERCLA clean up process."

2. At the top of page 4, for "Old Fire Fighting Training Area (OFFTA)": delete "Mr. Frye stated approximately 20 cubic yards will be removed."
Replace with "Approximately 10,900 cubic yards or 20,000 tons will be removed."

3. At the bottom of page 4, for "NUSC Disposal Area": delete "Mr. Frye stated the budget plan will provide for funding of the removal action."
Replace with "This project is a "swing" project and will likely not be funded this fiscal year. "


Update on NAVSTA Golf Course Project

Ms. Mueller of Naval Station Newport provided an update on the Golf Course Project. Her presentation is provided as enclosure (2). The Navy is considering constructing a golf course to be located at Tank Farms 1- 5. Under NEPA (the National Environmental Policy Act), the Navy must evaluate the environmental impacts of the project. NEPA requires consideration of cultural, socioeconomic, noise, air quality, hydrology, water quality, geology, ecology and similar impacts, and it provides for public input. To date, the wetlands delineation, two public meetings, and a Pre-Final Environmental Assessment have been completed.

Tank Farms 4 & 5 Investigation

Ms. Janice Mcintosh of Tetra Tech FW, Inc. provided an update on the investigation at Tank Farms 4 and 5 (see Enclosure (3)). Originally, there were 23 underground storage tanks located on the tank farms; each tank held more than 2.5 gallons of petroleum. The tanks were cleaned and demolished in the 1990s. Current proposed work includes investigation of potential sludge pits, fuel line and bottom sludge water piping, review areas (oil/water separator, transformer vault, substation, fenceline, sheds, groundwater wells), and soil removal if required. Proposed plans include submittal of work plans to regulators by early summer of this year and mobilization in late summer or early fall.


Membership Committee

Mr. Thurston Gray reported that there are 12 registered community members of the RAB; seven members were in attendance. Mr. Gray discussed the Mission Statement and membership elections. The RAB has expressed interest in modifying the Mission Statement although Mr. Gray has not received suggestions; Mr. Gray would like to change the annual meeting to January; there were no objections. Mr. Gray would like to create an additional committee (i.e. the Nomination Committee). Currently, the Planning Committee handles nominations. Mr. Gray will add the Nomination Committee to the Mission Statement and will list responsibilities for each committee to the Mission Statement. The existing Mission Statement makes reference to the Rules Committee; Mr. Gray recommended that a Rules Committee Chair be elected; the Chair would also serve as parliamentarian. Mr. Gray would like to change meetings and notices section (2.6) in Mission Statement to Meetings and Meeting Notices; he would like to add section 2.65 and make reference to Robert's Rules of Order as default when consensus cannot be reached; there were no objections.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee Chair was not aware that the July meeting was cancelled. The cancellation was a result of budgetary constraints; the members had agreed on the cancellation at a previous meeting.

Project Committee

Mr. Emmet Turley expressed concern over vehicular traffic related to transport of soil from cleanup sites at Naval Station. He provided documentation, in enclosure (4), on dredging in Narragansett Bay and disposal of dredged material.

Education Committee

Dr. Kathy Abbass finished the training manual. Hard copies will be provided at the next meeting. She provided four digital copies of the training plan to the RAB, including one copy to Mr. Gray for inclusion on the RAB Web Site. Remaining copies will be distributed at next month's meeting.


No new business was presented.


The next meeting of the RAB will be on June 16, 2004, at 7:00 p.m., at the Officers' Club.


(1) Attendance List
(2) Update of NAVSTA Golf Course Project (225 Kb)
(3) Tank Farms 4 and 5 Investigation
(4) Project Committee Report