October 15, 2003

On Wednesday, October 15, 2003, the NAVSTA Newport Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) gathered at the Officers' Club for their monthly meeting. The meeting began at 7:10 p.m. and ended at 9:15 p.m.

In attendance were Thomas McGrath, David Brown, Emmet Turley, James Myers, Thurston Gray, Thomas Reardon, Howard Porter, Manuel Marques, Claudette Weissinger, Kathy Abbass, John Lennon, Franco LaGreca (EFANE), James Mills (EFANE), David Dorocz (NAVSTA), Gregg Kohlweiss (NAVSTA), Kathy Marley (NAVSTA), Paul Kulpa (RIDEM), and Michael MaGagh (USEPA).

Mr. David Dorocz opened the meeting and welcomed the group.


Dr. David Brown requested a change to the September minutes. A change is made to the New Business section, with the addition of a new paragraph. The following paragraph is added:

"Concerning the citizen comments on the proposed soil removal action for OFFTA, Dr. Dave Brown requested that the RAB be informed about how to see the Navy's response when ready. The Navy North representative indicated that the response was in preparation and that the RAB members would be so informed."

A motion was then made to accept the minutes with the change, which was seconded and then carried.


Mr. Franco LaGreca briefed the RAB on the Navy Environmental Restoration Budget. Mr. LaGreca represents the Naval Engineering Field Activity Northeast (EFANE) and presently oversees the Navy budget for projects at the various activities within the Navy's Northeast Region.

Mr. LaGreca stated the Navy's mission is to review the activities yearly remediation plan and provide the proper funding for the high risk and most critical remediation projects first.

Franco LaGreca told the RAB that the Navy negotiates with the states to provide the additional funding to supplement state funding in order to accelerate cleanup efforts.

Dr. Kathy Abbass asked how much money Rhode Island receives. Mr. LaGreca stated that the amount of project funding varies each year.

Mr. Paul Kulpa told the RAB that the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) participates in the oversight of Navy remediation projects in the same manner as projects in the private sector. He further stated that all superfund sites have contracted remedial project managers and RIDEM will provide the site contractors with project oversight.

Mr. Franco LaGreca gave an overview on the types of Navy contracts. He told the RAB that one type of Navy contract is called a cost plus contract. Mr. LaGreca stated that this type of contract may effect project funding, as the contractor could be paid more or less than was negotiated in order to meet the specific requirements of the project. He further explained that another type of Navy contract is a firm fixed contract. He stated that if a contract is a firm fixed contract, the contractor would be paid a fixed amount of money for the work that he performs.

Mr. LaGreca briefed the RAB on the budget status for the sites in Newport. He reviewed the funding that was negotiated and awarded to projects during FY02. He then reviewed the project funding that was actually awarded during FY03. He stated that in FY03, $2.4M was negotiated and $3.0M was actually awarded.

Dr. David Brown asked how many different types of project funding the Navy uses. Mr. LaGreca stated that Naval Station Newport receives compliance funding for the station and environmental restoration projects are funded separately.

Mr. Howard Porter asked how long the Navy will need to continue to monitor before a site is considered to be complete. Mr. Paul Kulpa stated that continued monitoring may be required by regulation at specific sites, such as the McAllister Point Landfill.

Mr. LaGreca told the RAB that the Navy has had additional sites added to the list of installation restoration sites in Newport. He added that the Navy's goal is to fund the cleanup of the Newport sites prior to funding their reuse.

Mr. LaGreca's presentation included the current Navy Environmental Restoration Budget plan for FY04. He stated that presently the budget includes unspent funding that was planned and/or negotiated in FY03. Additionally, there is currently a total of $4,118K programmed for during FY04.


Mr. Michael McGagh gave an overview presentation to the RAB on Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs). Mr. McGagh is the USEPA Technical Assistance Grants Manager for the six states in New England and currently manages forty grants. He further stated that there are approximately ten or twelve grants located at federal facilities.

Mr. McGagh stated that the nationwide TAG program was initiated in 1988. There are approximately 250 nationwide superfund sites that have received Technical Assistance Grants, and funding in the amount of 40K up to 200K has been approved for each of the forty TAG programs in New England.

Mr. McGagh told the RAB that to be eligible for a TAG the organization must be a non-profit citizen organization. He stated the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission (AIPC) possesses the TAG for Naval Station Newport and has had for eight years. The total grant to the AIPC is presently 115K. The grant was provided for the purpose of technical interpretation of site related data. He stated that to date, 85K has been spent over the past eight years.

Mr. McGagh stated that all TAG grants have a term and there is an application process to receive the additional funding and to renew a grant. He further stated that if an initial grant is approved the unspent funding will roll over to the next year.

Mr. McGagh stated that there can not be more than one TAG at one site. TAG programs are accessible to the local communities and may be monitored by the public. Volunteers and organizations may meet once a month to discuss the status of their local TAG. He further stated that local citizens have contributed to the decision making for the various sites at federal facilities.


Education Committee - Kathy Abbass

Dr. Kathy Abbass stated the introductory training document is being prepared for final format and will soon be published and distributed.

Mr. Franco LaGreca asked if the training manual is specific to the sites in Newport. Dr. Abbass stated the training manual includes site related information specific to the Navy sites in Newport.

Membership Committee - Thurston Gray

Mr. Thurston Gray announced there are presently thirteen community members. There were eleven community members present at the meeting.

Planning Committee - Thomas McGrath

Mr. Thomas McGrath discussed the RAB Planning Schedule for the upcoming months. Enclosure (1) is a copy of the revised Planning Schedule.

Project Committee - Emmet Turley

Mr. Emmet Turley discussed the recent "fish kill" which occurred in the waters of the upper Narragansett Bay and rivers. Enclosure (2) is provided as this months Project Committee Report.


There was no new business.


(1) Planning Committee - Planning Schedule (28 kB)
(2) Project Committee memorandum dated October 15, 2003, and Report on the Disposal of Marine Deposits (895 kB)